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Fees and Expenses - Trials and Appeals

Because the appeals process can be very, very complex, Hootman believes that it benefits everyone to have a fee arrangement that is very, very simple.  Appeals are handled under an all-inclusive flat fee, agreed to in advance, and documented in a Client Agreement.

There is a basic rule of appellate procedure that says that an argument cannot be raised on appeal that was not first presented to the trial court.  Because of this, you may want to hire Hootman to handle your complex trial, especially if it is likely to be appealed.  Hootman can make sure your appellate arguments are properly made in the trial court and at the same time reducing the overall fee because he will already be familiar with what will be argued on appeal.  When Hootman is hired to handle the trial and the appeal, an hourly fee may be the client’s preference.  Hootman’s fees, which given his experience and expertise, is hard to beat.  If you compare Hootman’s fees with other equally experienced lawyers, you will be very surprised.

Fee Options

25% Contingency Fees
Low Flat Fees

“I believe the fees and expenses of many appeals lawyers are too high, and that working people and small businesses deserve better.  Why are my fees so low?  By focusing on appeals in Texas, I have become very cost effective. I pass the savings on to all of my clients.  I am not cheap, just efficient.”
- Tim Hootman  

Contact appellate lawyer Tim Hootman at 713.247.9548 or 713.366.6229 (cell) or send him an email (thootman2000@yahoo.com).



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