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Timothy Hootman - Texas Appellate Attorney

Texas Appellate Attorney
For Criminal & Civil Appeals

Advocating for clients in the Texas Courts of Appeal.

Tim Hootman is a former Staff Attorney of the Texas First Court of Appeals. During the course of his career Hootman has handled hundreds of criminal and civil appeals, tried more than 150 cases, and is counsel-of-record on dozens of published opinions that are now part of Texas law.  Hootman’s clients can rest assured that he personally researches the law, drafts the appeal, and makes any oral arguments granted by the court.  Appeals are not handled by paralegals or junior partners, but solely by Hootman.

Hootman as Your Trial Lawyer on Complex Cases.

If your case is complex and likely to be tried to a jury or end up on appeal, you can be confident with Hootman as your trial lawyer.  If your case is going to settle, like most cases, then you do not need Hootman as your trial lawyer.  A basic rule of appellate procedure that says an argument not first presented in the trial court may not be raised on appeal.  Because of this rule, you can be confident with Hootman as your trial lawyer if your case is complex and likely to end up on appeal.  His appellate background makes him the ideal lawyer to preserve the error during the trial of your case.  His extensive history trying cases also gives you the edge when trying to persuade a jury to go your way.  If you win your trial, Hootman can help you prevent the verdict from being reversed if the other side appeals.


When You Need a Texas Appellate Attorney

You may need to hire a lawyer experienced with appeals in Texas if…

  • You recently lost at trial in Texas.
  • Your current lawyer is not experienced or comfortable with handling Texas appeals.
  • You want to determine if your case may be perfected for appeal in Texas.
  • You are going to trial in a Texas case where your legal team needs an experienced appeals attorney focused exclusively on preserving error for subsequent appeal.
  • You want to file a writ of habeas corpus.


Begin the Texas appeals process by educating yourself about your rights.    Contact appellate lawyer Tim Hootman at 713.247.9548 or 713.366.6229 (cell) or send him an email (thootman2000@yahoo.com).



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